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Treats for the Teacher

Updated: May 10

There is nothing wrong with a little sugar to sweeten your "thank you" to staff. Use one of the following treats to give your staff a little boost.

Reeces: Thank you for sharing pieces of your knowledge with us this year.

M&Ms: Much and Many thanks for all you do, we really appreciate you! You are Marvellous & Magnificent.

Donuts: We Donut know what we would have done without you.

Mints: Thank you for your encouragemint, investmint, involvemint and committmint this year.

S'mores: We need s'more teachers like you.

Smarties: Thanks for making us smartier.

Mars: You are out of this world.

Extra: Thanks for going the EXTRA mile this year.

Miss Vickies: Thanks for chip'n in and helping out at our event.

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