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Which Witch is Which?

This is a home room contest for Hallowe’en activities. Get the basic elements of a witch’s costume: hat, hair, nose and cape. Have random teachers dress up on the costume and take their mug shot with a digital camera.  Put all of the pictures on one page to hand out to the home rooms or in a display case if you use full-sized pictures. Ask the home rooms to name the teachers in order. Can you tell which witch is which?


Once you have done Which Witch is Which?, you need a new activity the next year. This one is called:  Who da Boo?. You darken a room and provide a flashlight that is situated just under the teacher’s chin. Have the teacher tilt their head slightly and open their eyes wide. This provides area of shadow. Take the picture without a flash and put all the pictures on one page for the contest.

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